ULTRA Worldwide Premieres 180° VR Concept, ‘Experience Ultra Europe’

ULTRA is widely known as a brand that continues to innovate and open doors in the music and entertainment industries. Aligning with modern technological movements, this revered festival organization is at it again with its new concept “Experience Ultra Europe”. The project is ULTRA Europe’s inaugural 180° VR festival recap that enables viewers to see through a specialized lens in 8k at 60fps.

“Experience Ultra Europe” is centered around the eighth edition of the flagship event that took place from Friday, July 8th, to Sunday, July 10th, 2022. This unrivaled 3-day adventure delivered a spectacle of auditory and visual production at the Park Mladeži in Split, Croatia, with more than 160,000 attendees present. Now, whether you want to re-live ULTRA Europe 2022 or witness it for the first time, the video recap transports viewers to the front of the Main Stage. On top of a mesmerizing display of pyrotechnics, lighting, and top-tier acts from ULTRA, the short film encompasses breathtaking shots of Croatia’s islands and events from Destination ULTRA 2022.

Forging exciting opportunities for interactive music experiences in the future, “Experience Ultra Europe” is a great precursor of what’s to come for ULTRA. Returning to Park Mladeži in July of this year, ULTRA Europe 2023’s sure-to-be stacked lineup will be revealed soon.





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