Vintage Culture & MAGNUS Link On Fresh New One ‘Nothing Ever Changes’

Hot on the heels of ‘Weak’, Vintage Culture takes another significant step towards his upcoming debut LP Promised Land. Enriched with ethereal vocals from UK-based producer, singer, and songwriter MAGNUS, ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ is here.

The record is a wonderful exploration into Vintage Culture’s terrific house work, ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ includes wonderful melodies and sound design and is taken to the next level thanks to MAGNUS’ outstanding vocal efforts.

“I remember hearing Magnus’ vocal for ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ for the first time,” said Vintage Culture. “I was minutes away from taking the stage with Swedish House Mafia in Paris. Magnus was midway through the vocal and lyrics in Amsterdam. I was immediately drawn in by the melody and lyrics of the song. I sent over notes regarding the direction, mood, and atmosphere we should create, then ran to the stage of Accor Arena to start my show. I’m very proud of ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ and believe it stands with my best work to date.”

The upcoming debut of the Promised Land LP marks a noteworthy achievement for Vintage Culture, signifying an evolving creative journey shaped during the pandemic lockdown. Through notable partnerships with musicians like Maverick Sabre, The Temper Trap, NomBe, Magnus, and GoodBoys, Vintage Culture demonstrates a knack for blending his signature sound with the distinct styles of diverse artists. Set to drop on May 24, 2024, Promised Land promises a thorough exploration of electronic music genres, highlighting Vintage Culture’s prowess as both a producer and DJ.




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