Where It Started: Gryffin

Celebrating the release of his latest single ‘Reckless’, together with MØ – Gryffin joins us today to delve into where it started for him. Gryffin takes us through 11 records that kick started his journey into the artist that he is today.

With multiple heavyweight collaborations under his belt and a US tour underway with stops at major festivals, he’s excited to put out his sophomore album, Alive later this year as he continues to put out pop-dance anthems for the world. Gryffin’s debut album ‘Gravity’ quickly climbed to #1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

Avicii – Bromance

This was the song that made me start producing dance music.  I remember thinking I had never heard something so emotional yet uplifting and dancey, and from that moment on it became an obsession of mine to produce dance music.

Daft Punk – Around the World

This was one of the first electronic songs I can ever remember listening to as a child.  I remember thinking it was one of the most unique and cool songs I had ever heard, and vividly remember watching the music video and thinking how weird yet awesome it all was.

Sublime – Santeria

 Sublime was my favourite band growing up and I owned almost 10 different CDs of theirs.  Santeria was the song that hooked me onto them, and it’s the song that made me want to play guitar.  It’s the first song I ever learned to play.  

M83 – Midnight City

 I was obsessed with this song.  I remember as I first started dabbling with electronic music production this was one of the songs I kept referencing over and over, because I felt it had such a unique combination of organic elements / instrumentation but with such an electronic feel overall.  It made me want to make this kind of hybrid sound in my music.

MGMT – Kids

An incredible song that defined my high school/college years.  The melody in this song is so simple and catchy it made me strive to create catchy melodies that were simple to digest that become little earworms in your head.

deadmau5 – Ghosts N Stuff

I remember going to my first rave and seeing Deadmau5 for the first time and having such an incredible experience.  I think I played this song 1000 times after that festival.  

The Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden

This song will always remind me of my childhood.  My friends and I would drive up to the lake in the summertime and blast this song on the boat.  I always think fondly of those memories whenever I hear this song.

Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

When someone played this song for me for the first time, I felt like my mind exploded.  I had never heard these crazy sounds used in such a melodic and emotional way and it forever changed my perception on the rules of making music and the sounds you could use.  Absolutely mind blowing.

Major Lazer – Lean On

This song introduced vocal chops and manipulation of audio samples to me, and I’ll never forget that moment.  Will never forget this song from the best era of Soundcloud days.  

Weezer – Say It Ain’t So

 Another one of the gems from my childhood.  Probably the 2nd song I ever learned on the guitar, and I remember belting this song out with my friends in the car.  

Pink Floyd – The Great Gig In the Sky

I used to rinse this album front to back in high school.  This song in particular always moved me the most, because of the raw emotion and feelings in the record.

Be sure to explore Gryffin’s latest single with MØ below.

Credit: Brittany Harper