WhoMadeWho Tease New Stage Design After Announcement International Tour Dates

WhoMadeWho, the dynamic Danish trio, is taking their music to a whole new level with an upcoming world tour, set to begin in November 2023. Known for their thrilling blend of Indie, Disco, and Techno, the band’s sound has consistently captivated audiences around the globe. Their latest album, UUUU, is a standout, showcasing their talent for crafting innovative and catchy tunes that stay with you long after the music stops.

This tour, however, isn’t just another series of concerts. It’s an ambitious project that merges the band’s pulsating beats with spectacular visual artistry. Collaborating with the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), WhoMadeWho is set to transform traditional concert stages into immersive art installations. BIG’s architectural ideas promises to turn each performance into a visual spectacle, enhancing the rhythm and vibe of WhoMadeWho’s songs.


Adding to the sensory feast, flora&faunavisions and EyeMix Studio are on board to amplify the visual experience. Flora&faunavisions is known for creating visual systems that not only complement the music but also add an emotional depth to each performance. Meanwhile, EyeMix Studio plans to use AI and advanced visualization tools to create a visual backdrop that’s in perfect harmony with the band’s electrifying tracks.

This tour is all about the music and how it comes to life in an extraordinary setting. Each song by WhoMadeWho will be an experience in itself, set against a backdrop of innovative design and cutting-edge technology. Fans can expect to be taken on a journey with each song in a way they’ve never experienced before.

11.11.2023 – Life Park, Istanbul
25.11.2023 – Fauna Primavera, Santiago de Chile
01.12.2023 – DGTL at Brooklyn Navy Park, New York City
02.12.2023 – DGTL at Exhibition Park, Los Angeles
15.12.2023 – Secret Location, Limasol
07.01.2024 – Papaya Playa, Tulum 
02.02.2024 – La Cigale, Paris
03.02.2024 – Troxy, London
01.03.2024 – M3F Festival, Phoenix
09.03.2024 – The Midway, San Francisco
06.04.2024 – FORUM, Copenhagen




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