Will Clarke Joins Forces With MK To Deliver “My Church”

Following massive original singles “U Take Me Higher” and “Hallelujah,” electronic music mainstay Will Clarke is back with his latest gem, teaming up with Detroit legend MK to deliver “My Church.” The talented DJ and producer has been blowing up over the past years, releasing music on prestigious labels such as Truesoul, Abode, Relief, Drumcode and more, on top of collecting two Billboard Dance #1s with his remixes for U2 and Rihanna. 

To date, “My Church” marks one of the best additions to Will Clarke’s long catalog. Filled with engaging sounds and fat basslines, it is undoubtedly a dancefloor-killer. A soulful, classic sample kick off the journey, before the tune drops into a minimal and infectious drop, filled with plucky chords, punchy kicks, and psychedelic hats. 




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