Will Sparks & Cat Dealers Collide on ‘Party Everyday’

As you can tell from the title of the production, this is the perfect record to kick off a party. Aussie Will Sparks and Brazilian duo Cat Dealers come together for a production like no other.

With each artist having a successful past, this collab is, as expected, terrific. Cat Dealers are consistently hitting 10 million streams across releases on Spotify, with no signs of slowing down. They’ve teamed up with Will Sparks, the Australian artist credited with started and growing the bounce movement. He continues to create an original and energetic sound in 2019, that is most definitely showcased in this new collaboration.

The production itself is a prime example of a solid collaboration, with each artists signature sounds shining through. The grungy sound, together with the banging drop elements are of course the highlight of this single.

Listening to the track, it’s likely that Cat Dealers focused on the first drop, with Will targeting his expertise towards the second drop. Will Sparks has played the second drop specifically in his sets.

Each artist on this release have has success in their own right. It will be exciting to see the reception of this track now it has released – if fans excitement before release was any indication – this will be a massive track!




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