William Black Drops 2nd Studio Album ‘Pieces’

Rising Los Angeles based electronic artist William Black has now released his Pieces album in full, which reveals 5 new singles which have not been teased beforehand. Black is known as one to get deeply personal with the productions he works on, Pieces is unequivocally defining and brings out more of this human side that’s easy to connect with and that fans love.

Released on November 5th via Lowly. Each song has a message connected to a specific memory from William Black’s past, but still embodies a familiar modern dance structure to not ostracize the average listener. The experience within in diverse, featuring future bass-laced sounds all the way to grungier, more pop-punk leaning vibes.

Nurko, Essenger, Fairlane, Forester and others make an appearance on the extensive LP, combining the best of their styles with the in-demand artist.

“Pieces is about putting together all the moments I’ve gone through, particularly considering the feelings attached to them. Each song is about a different emotional memory I have. Together, all these parts make up who I am as a person. Writing this album has helped me learn a lot about myself and how I’ve come to this wonderfully surreal point in my life. Music has always helped me through moments of sadness and to celebrate moments of joy. Pieces is meant to do the same.”
– William Black

Experience the hype for yourself via Pieces below.




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