Wuki Keeps His Music Fresh During Quarantine with his Single “I See You” ft. Stoppa

Wuki’s 2nd single from his forthcoming album is coming in hot with the trap beats: Wuki leads this tune with a steady build-up and an eerie vibe, then he drops into some high-energy trap beats and some classic trappy sirens.

This song actually came from a freestyle session Wuki and Stoppa had! Wuki wanted to build a whole song over these vocals because he loved them so much. In this particular tune, Stoppa goes, “I see you lookin’ witcho lookin’ ass,” and we’re definitely looking at this track, that’s for sure.

Wuki is continuing his weekly streams on his Twitch page where he performs live DJ sets, makes his famous Wukileaks edits, hosts live production tutorials and official ‘Feedback Sessions,’ where aspiring producers can send in their demos for feedback. He’s also taken part in live stream festivals with Insomniac, Proximity’s Digital Mirage, Shaq’s Bass All-Stars and more.

Gaby Lara
Gaby Lara
24-year-old girl living in the Bay Area <3




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