Xavi Delivers Incredible Debut Album ‘To The Endless Searing Skies’

Following the two lead singles ‘Neverless’ and ‘The Warmth Of Known’, multi-genre, experimental bass producer Xavi delivers his debut album To The Endless Searing Skies. The album combines elements of synthpop, electropop, indie, future bass, midtempo and melodic dubstep to create a distinctly unique sound across ten songs all written and sung 100% by Xavi.

The album is truly incredible, it is another rare example of an LP with no tracks that let it down. The album projects a mix of Porter Robinson and Madeon, something that will definitely please fans. From the dark and hard hitting sounds of ‘Losing Faith’ to the vibrant and electric vibes from ‘Neverless’ – the album packs a lot of quality that is sure to gain praise throughout the music world.

“I feel that this album is stronger than anything I’ve ever made, and that it truly represents all of what I have to offer. By getting to use my own voice on this, I’ve been able to say so much, not only through my words, but also through my instrumentation and I think that shows. Ophelia Records has been extremely supportive of my vision for this project, from the sound to the aesthetics. I’m very grateful to be part of such an amazing team.” – Xavi




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