Zander Shine Joins Us For an Exclusive Interview: Diving into The Musical Influences That Inspire His Creativity

Zander Shine has landed on the Electronic Music scene with a mighty force; determined, motivated, and passionate, this talented Producer and DJ appears with an impressive set of skills, enabling him to produce striking music that makes an impact. Having debuted his project with his single ‘Don’t Hold On’ via Universal Music, Zander Shine has quickly positioned himself on a path towards gaining an influential reputation within Electronic Music today, making him a rising star to follow closely. 

So, we’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to sit down with Zander Shine to discuss the music, sounds, and Artists that feed his creativity, gaining an insight into the musical influences and inspirations that have shaped his artistic journey and unique sound. 

Hi Zander Shine, how’s it going? 

I’ve been super inspired recently and have been writing a lot of new music in the past few days. Coming up with new fresh ideas that I am really happy about. I haven’t felt this inspired in a really long time so it’s a nice feeling to be this productive. 

Tell us, was there a specific moment, Artist, or track that first influenced you to start pursuing a career in music? 

I had a friend from high school who worked for a management company in California, I was in the studio with one of his Artists watching him produce a remix for Zara Larsson. Watching him work in FL Studio to compose and produce the remix, and really just put everything together seemed so cool. That was the moment I first realized production was something that I wanted to learn. That experience along with attending EDC Vegas and Coachella around the same time really made me want to give it a shot to learn how to compose and produce Electronic Music. 

Who are your biggest inspirations within Electronic Music? Are there any Artists that have had the most influence on your musical journey? 

Avicii impacted my career very significantly and initially ignited my desire to produce Electronic Music. When I was first listening to Avicii, it was so inspiring to hear the euphoric melodies that he would create. The attention to detail that Tim put into his work was phenomenal and next level, something that I aspire to achieve as well one day. He really influenced Progressive House into becoming my favorite genre of Electronic Music to listen to. 

Can you tell us your top three favourite Artists? 

Martin Garrix: he is such a versatile Artist and Producer. Progressive House is my favorite genre and I love a lot of the music his label puts out. His tracks contain many intricate layers of sound design and new fresh ideas that always keep things interesting. He collaborates with Artists that you wouldn’t expect and blends genres a lot. He creates tracks listeners can have a deep emotional connection to with the lyrics and vocals, and he has an inspiring way of making it all seamlessly come together. 

Jax Jones is such an inspiration, a true creative genius in my opinion. He has worked with so many talented Artists and Songwriters and he can bring out the best in everyone to ultimately produce something spectacular. His music is undeniably catchy and meaningful, so I think he is one of the best modern-day Producers.  

I’ve already mentioned him, but Avicii would be the third Artist. He is my inspiration for chasing this dream of being an accomplished musician. He was the first Artist who inspired me on a deeper level and gave me the confidence and drive to want to become a great Producer. He’s inspired me to compose music that makes you feel a certain way, he was able to tell a story with his music and make you feel. This is a skill he possessed, unlike any other Artist or Producer that I’ve come across. 

Would you say your influences have evolved as you’ve grown as an Artist? If so, how? 

I have to say that my influences have remained constant over the last few years. I do however always enjoy discovering new songs or Artists, and as my career starts to get more momentum, I foresee myself continuing to build on the foundation of what I’ve already been inspired by, discovering new Artists who inspire me as well. 

Are there any Artists outside of Electronic Music that you find particularly inspirational?  

I’d say a lot of Alternative Rock like Blink 182 for instance. I also listen to Classic Rock like Led Zeppelin & AC/DC. As well as Jazz, I actually lived down the street from George Benson growing up so that’s basically what I was raised listening to. I listen to a wide variety of music every day and that keeps me inspired as I work on my own tracks. 

How much, would you say, do current trends influence your own approach to music production? 

First and foremost, I make music for myself, and if others happen to like it that’s even better. I am also cognizant of the current market trends and what is making a significant impact, but I like to remain true to myself and the sounds that bring me joy.  

Can you tell us how you take influence and inspiration from other works, and create music that is unique and original? Does your production process usually involve finding inspiration and influence from other works before you set out to produce a track? 

I find most of my inspiration in my roots, the music I grew up listening to and playing. I also get inspired by the people and things around me. Inspiration, however, is fleeting. In times like that, I’ve found that relying on the dedication to just sit down, keep messing around and push through any creative block is ultimately what gets the best results. 

What about a track draws you in? Is there a particular element or type of energy that is often most inspirational to you? 

For me, there are really two specific elements that can draw me in. The first is dynamic sound design – something that really is unique can immediately draw my attention to a track. The second element would be a great melody. When these two things are put together seamlessly the outcome is always something that draws me in. 

Which substyles of Electronic Music would you say influence your work the most?  

Progressive House music is easily the greatest influence on my work. I also enjoy UK House and Bass House and draw inspiration from these subgenres as well. 

We wrap up this interview by thanking Zander Shine for taking the time to speak with us, allowing us a glimpse into the inspirations that continually drive his creativity. As he keeps carving out his way within Electronic Music, Zander Shine no doubt appears as a must-watch talent to keep on your radar, so be sure to follow him across social media to remain in the know about his upcoming releases, projects, and performances. 

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