5 EDM Artists You should Keep on Your Radar in 2022

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has taken over the music industry in the past couple of decades. From Electro to Big Room to Trap, the EDM landscape has indeed experienced a great positive transformation over the past years. EDM Artists such as Martin Garrix, Avicii, David Guetta and Hardwell have become well-known names and the mainstream of electronica.

However, there are many other remarkable EDM artists who have slipped under the radar. Although these artists are still waiting for their “big break,” they know their way around amazing tempo and can get an entire crowd up and dancing all night long. Below is a list of five EDM artists you should keep on your radar. 

Fox Stevenson

Fox Stevenson is an English DJ, Singer, and songwriter who was born on 25 January 1993. The artist produces Glitch Hop, House, Bass, and Liquid Drum. Fox Stevenson pays more attention to music and is not really into live performances. He recorded his first EP Endless with a music record label called Firepower Records. But the EDM artist currently owns his own music record label called Cloudhead Records. Glue Gun is one of his most popular songs.


This artist produces EDM songs with a great and lively tempo. His music is perfect for jumping up and down to the beat. HUGEL music normally starts off with a voice surrounded by the undertones of the electronic beats, and gradually those instrumentals build up and take over the music. The artist’s other EDM style reveals his more mellow side that handles a softer bass. However, it still offers you a great reason to jump out of your seat and rock-and-roll with friends. HUGEL recorded his popular song “Signs” Alongside Taio Cruz.

Marvel Years

Cory Wythe who is popularly known as Marvel Years is a guitarist and producer. Years follow firmly in the jazz-funk-rock EDM music genre. And the artist imitates artists like Pretty Lights, Grizz, and Big Gigantic. Within a short period of time, Years’ progression has become nearly impossible to overlook. The artist’s way of shredding soulful guitar and blending electronic beats on his sounds produces sounds that are out of this world. Some of his popular songs include Stuck In A Dream and Hit Them With It.

Alison Wonderland

This artist is an Australian-born EDM DJ and singer. The artist was born on 27 September 1986. Alison released her first album, “Run” in March 2015. The album topped number six on the ARIA Music Albums Chart. The EDM artist’s second album, “Awake” emerged as number one Billboard’s Best Dance and Electronic Albums. Alison Wonderland is the top-billed female DJ Coachella has ever seen. So, Alison is certainly an EDM artist that you’d keep an eye on. Best of all, scoring tickets to see Alison Wonderland is like hitting the jackpot at Platin Casino best slots.

Felix Cartal

Felix Cartal, whose real name is Taelor Deitcher, is a Canadian-born EDM producer and DJ. He was born on April 9, 1987, and he launched his first EP titled Skeleton in 2009 immediately after he signed his first deal with Dim Mak Records. After Felix Cartal released his first EP, four months later, he released his first single popular hit titled ‘Drone’. Felix Cartal has performed in different music festivals, such as Winter Music Conference, Electric Daisy Carnival, South by Southwest, and Camp Bisco.

In the past few years, EDM music has experienced a global rapid increase in popularity. Many of its talented artists are well recognized, while many others are underrated. In this article, we’ve shone the light on a couple of sleepers that you might want to watch out for. All the underrated EDM artists that we listed in this article have made incredible songs and attained a commendable level of success in the electronic music industry.





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