Achilles, Lister & Jesse Lee Thetford Link For New Take On Trance Classic ‘As The Rush Comes’

Taking on a trance classic is no easy feat, but for Australian producers Achilles and Lister, they’ve taken it in their stride and given the iconic anthem a fresh new spin, with help from US based vocalist Jesse Lee Thetford.

‘As The Rush Comes’, was originally released in 2003 by Motorcycle (trance duo Gabriel & Dresden with vocalist Jes) and was a sure fire hit within the dance music world and beyond, with the original track still receiving attention today, almost 20 years on. 

Achilles and Lister inject a vibrant and hard hitting feel into the classic anthem, managing to hold onto the lively, uplifting nature of the original, whilst subsequently polishing the record with their own flavor. Starting off with a hard hitting main room trance drop that perfectly complements Jessie’s vocal, the break is the zenith of the track, as it builds with the vocal and travels into a goosebump-inducing lead and future rave-esque final drop, resulting in a grand, climactic close.

Achilles and Lister, both being in Melbourne, saw their similarities and passion when it came to music and immediately got working. ‘As The Rush Comes’ is just the first of many records the talented pair have cooked up in the studio. Between the artists, they’ve recently been supported by the likes of Hardwell, Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Timmy Trumpet, W&W and Afrojack.

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