Above & Beyond Unveil Yet ‘Another Angel’

The trio responsible for some of the biggest trance hits on record – Above & Beyond – are back to deliver yet another, this one a fan favorite since its debut at the Group Therapy Weekender at The Gorge Amphitheater in July. Repeatedly teased ever since, most notably at their milestone ABGT350 show in Prague last month, ‘Another Angel’ is finally here in HQ.

The intro bassline with its melodic hints sounds just like what you’d expect from A&B, with precise, compressed samples reminiscent of Andrew Bayer – not really a surprise because he’s credited as a songwriter. After descending into an ethereal, atmospheric intro apt for a cinematic score that’ll send chills racing down your spine, a seamless transition introduces the main melody. A simple chord progression accompanied by pounding, technical production makes it apt for the dance-floor.

Above & Beyond continue to introduce new ideas into their records while keeping their signature sound alive; a fact clear as day in ‘Another Angel’. Gritty, cascading synths in the breakdown that precede the vocal chants seem to come straight from the depths of glitchy midtempo; an analog paradise that might be Bayer’s influence. On the whole, the lilting atmospheres draw together their old sound from the last decade with their new, minimalist one, the merger perhaps heightened by the fact that this song’s vocals are sampled from Richard Bedford’s performance on a previous release of theirs, “On My Way To Heaven”.

Marvel at the exquisite breakdown and the pounding drop in this tune below, and watch it go off at ABGT350!




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