Alan Walker & Imanbek Collide On ‘Sweet Dreams’

In the joining of two then-bedroom producers turned hugely successful artists, Alan Walker and  Imanbek release their track ‘Sweet Dreams’. The record includes a sample of Scatman John’s ‘Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)’. 

Slap house covers are quickly coming to the end of their high successful lives, the style is repetitive and not that technical. However Alan Walker and Imanbek have not shied away from this with this newest. While it is a solid production that will certainly perform well given the name power and the memorable sample, the record is not amazing and will certainly not win any awards. The many that have lived through this rough patch in electronic music will simply ignore this one.

What is impressive however is the music video. Alan Walker keeps up the quality since his recent Aviation concert film that will continue with more episodes in the coming weeks. The VFX and filming of the music video is high quality and is a great addition to the single. It is certainly one of the best music videos coming from an electronic act.

Walker talks about the song and accompanying music video:“Eurotrance and techno were popular when I was a kid, so it really reminds me of my earliest musical inspirations. We had a blast incorporating the iconic “Scatman” chorus into “Sweet Dreams”, and we’re really happy with how the track turned out.”

Imanbek also weighs in on the exciting collaboration: “I’m extremely excited to team up with a very talented and cool music head from Norway. Alan Walker is not only a colleague – he’s the originator of his own genre, so it is a real collab of two cultures and genres!”

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