Alessandro Costa Drops Fantastic Videos For ‘Be Free’ EP

Boasting a total of 2 full-length music videos – “This Is How I Live,” being the latest of the group –  Alessandro Costa shows a standard of what it means to go big, right out the gate. Only 1 EP deep into what will be a 4 EP endeavour, the solo DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalist at work here will be highly involved in the crafting and producing of all of it.

In the video for, ‘This Is How I Live,’ a multi-media mixture of editing and fast-paced effects mesh at great intensity – the psychedelic-leaning, highly expressional music video for this single is as attention-grabbing as it is forward-thinking.

Dark themes and personable character development, showing smoking & struggling humans, in part,  gets the end-viewer invested in the story – while the second half of the music video offers a more artist view-point that thus leads to a close.

Costa’s ambitiousness is now triumphed by another well-directed, articulate music video that also shows just how wide his music capabilities are and the depth of meaningfulness he’s willing to put into his work.




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