Alesso Releases The Best Of Both Worlds With ‘Somebody To Use’

Alesso today drops his latest single ‘Somebody To Use’, the infectious vocal that has seen an inclusion on his recent sets now sees the light of day. Thankfully, the Toxic Mix is included in the package, which is a hard hitting progressive version that Alesso first debuted in 2019.

While there is nothing wrong with the original mix per say, it does not stand out in the saturated world of dance pop. The Toxic Mix however is sure to please fans across the whole dance music sphere, bringing a groovy main room heater that still highlights those terrific vocals.

Old school fans of the Swede have been craving that progressive sound from Alesso’s earlier years. With the release of ‘Somebody To Use’, Alesso gives the best of both worlds; a commercial pop record and something for the festivals, pleasing all fans.




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