Around The World With Jubël: Seoul, Amsterdam, Halmstad + More

Jubël made waves in 2018 with their hit track ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ a cover of the 1970s classic. Tiësto then put his spin on the track in 2020, which gave the track a new breathe of fresh air. Now, the Swedish duo are here with their latest release ‘Weekend Vibe’. Their new one is a melodic, electropop anthem fueled by lively guitar riffs, a bouncy bassline and energetic horns. The bumping track is accompanied by a larger than life music video, offering new-wave, vintage editing and bright sunnyscapes.

Celebrating the release of their brand new single, Jubël join us for our Around The World , taking us to many of their favourite locations around the world. From Amsterdam to Iceland, Jubël note their recommendations and other fun facts about their selection places.


South Korea

We’ve been to South Korea a few times for writing. It’s an incredible city with lots of life. We really enjoy spending time here. The food is really good and the people are very friendly. We recommend to just roam around the streets of the different districts of the city.

A memorable dinner we had was on one of the many Korean BBQ places together with friends we got to know in Seoul. It’s a social way of having dinner where you share and cook your meet on the table. Do this while in Seoul.


The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a really cool city to visit. It has a really cool vibe with lots of culture and a huge music scene. Besides just roaming around you have to try French Fries from one of the typical Dutch places. Waffles! and of course the stroopwafel 😀



With lots of history, a city that never sleeps and beautiful beaches we fell in love with Barcelona. We went here just for Vacation and it has everything you want when traveling. A good tip is to travel is with hopon-hopoff buses. Don’t miss the night clubs, Top-class!



We both grew up on the west coast of Sweden, in a small city called Halmstad. If you have plans to travel around in Sweden you should pay a visit to Halmstad, but only during summer, otherwise you might get disappointed. It has beautiful, white sand beaches and is filled with joy during June- August.



We went to to Iceland to get stunned by the amazing environment, something we’ve never seen before. We started off in Reykjavík, a city with lots of culture and history.

It also has some really cool under-ground clubbing. We recommend to rent a car to be able to travel around the island. Go to see the black beach, some hot-spring and just enjoy the stunning nature, you wont regret it.

Be sure to stream (or download) Jubël’s latest single as well as the terrific video!




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