Avicii Album 'TIM' Officially Annouced

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 12.51.33 am.png

With Avicii’s unfortunate passing last year - a lot of unreleased music was left behind. We hoped that we would see some of that in a posthumous manner and luckily we are in for a emotional rollercoaster. An album appropriately titled ‘TIM’ is coming June 6th. A single called ‘SOS‘ will be released beforehand on April 10th.

All proceeds from this album will go to a newly formed charity by Avicii’s family entitled ‘Tim Bergling Foundation’, a nonprofit dedicated to helping treat mental illness and prevent suicide. The charity will officially launch on the one year anniversary of Tim’s death; April 20th.

Carl Falk, who worked with Avicii and has been working on this album for the past 6 months struggled to finalise the album: “I was trying to produce through someone else’s eyes and ears — someone who’s not here,” he said with vexed intensity, while sitting at his control board. “It was really hard not to criticize yourself the whole time. Would he like this? What would he have done?”

This is going to be a very emotional yet exciting month for Avicii fans. We will remember him.