AYOO Drops Flip Of Iconic Owl City Single ‘Fireflies’

Chicago duo AYOO are known far and wide for their love of tacos and how to push their sound to the edge of bass music barriers. Bass house, dubstep, trap, and beyond are just some of the genres they’ve took on by the horns and made their own. They’ve embarked on another challenge with Owl City’s “Fireflies,” transforming the gentle-natured original into an epic dnb banger.

The remix is multi-faceted, generating a balance between not straying too far from the essence of the original, but certainly not staying close to the genre style of the original. A balance like this is easy to enjoy, but tuff to work out in the studio. The sweet-yet-spicy sound design of the track is infectious and delivers a sense of confidence and invincibility, lifting the listener into the clouds at one moment, then transferring them to a realm of head-banging euphoria the next. Yet, it all connects in a healthy manner section to section. A quick listen to AYOO’s past releases shows they have a strong inkling for technicality, this trait is eclectically executed in “Fireflies (Owl City Remix),” and plays to their advantage.

Having been supported by names like Birthdayy Partyy, Dobadlyy, Saint Punk, Masteria, Cloverdale, Tombz, Solesdin as well has having been signed to Recall Records, Nectar Collective, and Phunk Junk Records, it’s safe to say this brother duo has been around the block, not to be quitting anytime soon.

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