Bicycle Day Returns to San Francisco April 19th, Feat. Emancipator, Desert Dwellers & Many Others

There’s nothing quite like Bicycle Day, a mesh of various events all in one, there’s some much all to take in within a 1-day timeframe. Happening at The Midway in San Francisco, April 19th. A speaking panel, a concert, a VR experience, a film, and more will all be taking place for curious psychonauts to take part in.

Bicycle Day is inspired by Albert Hofmann aka the ‘Good Doctor,’ who is the inventor behind the substance LSD. After tinkering in his lab and concocting the formula label C20H25N3O, he tried of bit of it on himself before riding his bike home. The cruise from work to his place of stay would be unlike any other, and forever changed global culture when it comes to psychedelics and where they fit into our society today.

“We are so thrilled to bring back the revered and uniquely Bay Area annual celebration of Bicycle Day for the first time since 2019. Similar to years past, the party will include all things psychedelia, however for the first time we are including a daytime programming of conferences and panel discussions with some legendary figures in the psychedelic community. This includes touching on topics such as decriminalization, therapeutics, research, arts and culture.”
– Josh Pollack of Bicycle Day

Tickets For This Event Can Be Found Here

On the concert end, Emancipator, Desert Dwellers, Axel Thesleff and Häana are all set to take the stage and perform a soul-stirring set fit for the occasion.

When it comes to the speakers who will be apart of the panel, Vice’s Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia Hamilton Morris will be there, along with Leonard Pickard, Isaac Abrams, Rhoney Stanley, Timothy Tyler, Seth Ferranti, Mark McCloud, Mountain Girl, Ryan Jay Beauregard, and Madison Margolin. Topics that will be tackled include legalization of LSD, psychedelic research, medicinal benefits of psychedelics and so much more.

There will be additional activities to take part in as well, the above just scratching the service of what is going down and why this is a special occasion.




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