‘Big Beat Ignition: Space’ Is Here! Featuring Wh0, KC Lights, Chapter & Verse + More

Big Beat bring 10 tracks together for the ultimate tech house and house compilation album: Big Beat Ignition: SPACE. The intergalactic experience includes new original music from KC Lights, Wh0, Chapter & Verse, GUZ, Nightlapse, and many more. 

The compilation features plenty killer house releases from some of the brightest names in the game. It’s the perfect album to get pumped up in your living room…

Head over to Big Beat’s space website, powered with real-time space data from the European Space Agency and NASA. When streaming each record on the mobile web App, fans will get a unique ‘Mission Badge’ that will include custom space data specific to both the track and the listener. These custom digital collectibles are based on their physical location, such as distance from the International Space Station, hyper local weather, even the distance they have travelled with the movement of the earth while the track plays. The initiative is in partnership with Landmrk, a European Space Agency backed start-up, who have transformed location-based experiences using space data with the use of contextual experiences for people that are social distancing, rather than moving to locations to unlock content.

The Ignition Series from Big Beat Records highlights a selection of regionally relevant electronic and dance music from around the world, previously highlighting Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, Ibiza, and many more. Big Beat Ignition: Space showcases this world while celebrating and highlighting some of Big Beat’s favorite music creators, from the up-and-coming to the established.

  1. Wh0 – “Space & Time”
  2. KC Lights – “Luna”
  3. Chapter & Verse – “One Small Step For Man”
  4. GUZ – “Spaced Out”
  5. Nightlapse – “Blackout At Roswell”
  6. Mescal Kids – “System Malfunction”
  8. PEZNT – “Invasion”
  9. This Culture – “The Eagle Has Landed”
  10. Space Jump Salute – “To The Stars”




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