Blvk Sheep’s ‘Dissociated’ EP Epically Blends The World’s of Hard-Rock And Electronic

Electronic musician Blvk Sheep, also known as Richie Buckley, has dropped his EP which many have been waiting for. The world got a taste of the emo-essence that Blvk Sheep built in with “Life Sucks,” but the 2nd track “Dissociated,” really shows the hardcore shredding he was able to bring into an electronic fold.

The 2nd track dropped to complete the full EP release, which reveals the entirety of Dissociated EP in all it’s glory. The two-tracks compliment one another, but also have plenty of distinction that sets them apart.

“Life Sucks” features the vocalist Apollo Vega, boasting some serious high-notes and a catchy melodies. This particular track nails a certain epic vibe as two different genres collide to make something fascinating.

“Let Go,” features AFTERMYFALL and shows the sheer power Blvk Sheep is able to put out there. The track sends shivers down the spine thanks to a heavy screamo layer and progressive metal inclusions.

Altogether, Dissociated EP, is well-worth the listen, snapshotting moments in music history to generate something all it’s own.





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