Brazilian Talent Beowülf Releases Catchy Tune “Soldier”

Brazilian producer Beowülf releases “Soldier” his last single of 2019, a collaboration with Guz Zanotto and Zattera out via Sony Music. The tune starts with a mellow chord progression followed by a catchy vocal melody that functions as the chorus and repeats until the song reaches the first drop. 

With an energetic futuristic bassline and chopped operatic slices, Beowülf transports the listener to an energetic journey displaying pop influences that blend well with electronic elements but still displaying his trademark production style. As a nice addition, Zattera’s vocal range supports the song resembling tunes from stars such as Avicii, Marin Garrix, and Skrillex.  

For 2020, the Brazilian producer is expected to play at Lollapalooza following a successful year with live performances at the world-renowned festival Rock-in-Rio for over 100 thousand people where he played original songs fused with a live drum performance.

Listen to ‘Soldier’ and let us know what you think.

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