Remix Radar 045: Featuring Claptone, Boys Noize, and Joris Voorn

We are back with the 45th edition of Remix Radar. I hope everyone is staying safe and not injecting themselves with bleach. Arguably the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life and that’s saying something. In a more positive light, this week’s Remix Radar is a doozy. I think this might be the best week of remixes ever and I’m quite excited to share with you all the tasty goodies. This week we feature Claptone, Boys Noize, and Joris Voorn. Keep scrolling for all the fun and entertainment. It’s worth it!

Dua Lipa – Physical (Claptone Remix)

Dua Lipa’s interpolation of Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” gets a whole lot 80’s synth-wave on the remix from Claptone. The masked-artist focuses the sound around a sharp, piercing synth that’s at a higher octave than the original. He also peels back some of the fluff in the original to give more emphasis to the beat, which improves the grooviness and club accessibility.

Omar Souleyman – Layle (Boys Noize Remix)

Omar Souleyman is a Syrian artist who has performed across the globe and has even made a few appearances in DJ Mixes. This week, Boys Noize unveils a marvelous remix of Omar’s track, “Layle”. He honors the original while spinning a fresh, new ravetastic tune. Everything about this is really awesome and I can’t wait to see how this plays out in live sets.

Elderbrook – Numb (Joris Voorn Remix)

“Numb” is such a massive tune. Every iteration has been spectacular. It’s no surprise that dream-weaver Joris Voorn creates an atmospheric version that rivals the original mixes. Joris exquisite sound design does create new emotional connections that penetrate into the brainstem and sends chills down the spine. I would be shocked if anything can top this remix.

Tourist – Kin (Anthony Naples Remix)

It appears Tourist has begun to roll out the remixes for Wild, the album he released in October. Anthony Naples gets the party started with his remix of “Kin”. His take on the track is so magical. It’s easy to get lost in the fluttering sounds and the emotional undertow.

Lastlings – Take My Hand (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Sky Remix)

Lastlings have been on a crazy upward trajectory since the end of 2017. Their recent single, “Take My Hand”, gets two remixes from experimental-magician, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs aka TEED. His “Sky Remix” creates a scorching atmosphere and energy that works astonishing well with Amy Dowdle’s vocals. This track will get stuck in your mind and you’ll catch yourself humming it every hour.

Big Wild – Aftergold (obli remix)

I can’t believe it’s been five years since the release of Big Wild’s highly successful “Aftergold”. It feels like yesterday that this song was everywhere and baby me was rocking out, bright-eyed and hopeful. in honor of the original, we get a special anniversary release which includes two remixes. One from obli and the other Hanz. I prefer the remix from obli who does a wonderful job honoring the spirit of the original, while still creating something fresh and exciting.

Kasper Bjørke Ft. Christian d’Or & Toby Ernest – Seabird (Tensnake Remix)

I love everything about this remix. Tensnake sends “Seabird” soaring into the horizon leaving a trail of sound waves that converge to bless us with a delightful groove. It has elements of disco, synth-wave, and all sorts of twinkling sounds that culminate in a perfect remix.

Justin Jay – Time (Walker & Royce Remix)

I’ve known of Justin, since our time as USC students way back when. I only met him in passing one time, but it was obvious he was bound to be known for making weird, yet fantastic music. Easily, my favorite remix of one of his tracks, Walker & Royce creates a fun and rambunctious remix of “Time” that is equally as strange as Justin and his music.

Coldcut – Timber (Maceo Plex Remix)

Maceo Plex sets out to launch your mind into the stratosphere on his remix of Coldcut’s “Timber”. As is usual for Maceo Plex, he creates something very experimental with a dizzying array of sounds that tantalize and intoxicate. I really enjoy the anvil strike sound that is a major proponent of the original, but it works even better in the soundscape of Maceo Plex’s remix. It’s a really cool track, no ifs ands or buts.

Jerro Ft. Kauf – Tunnel Vision (Durante Remix)

Jerro has been making quite the progression in the last year and a half. I first came across him from his EP, The Fool, released via Lane 8’s This Never Happened. Since then, he’s released another incendiary EP on This Never Happened, appeared in countless mixes from the Anjunadeep crowd, and recently dropped the official version “Tunnel Vision”. For those of you who follow the Anjunadeep label, you will have heard “Tunnel Vision” nestled within the Anjunadeep 11 compilation. Now, we get a beautiful reimaging from Durante who was also on Anjunadeep 11 and has been featured in countless mixes from that group. Durante’s version is just as magical as the original and I highly suggest exploring his discography.

Nicolas Godin Ft. Alexis Taylor – Catching Yourself Falling (Jacques Greene Remix)

Nicolas Godin originally made waves as a part of the legendary electronic duo, Air. As a solo artist, he recently released his album, Concrete and Glass, which I cannot recommend enough. Now, we are blessed with the Jacques Greene remix of “Catching Yourself Falling”, which features the vocal work from Alexis Taylor who is a member of Hot Chip. It’s safe to say with all three of these guys on this remix, I would EASILY love it. It’s absolutely beautiful and truly transports you to an atmospheric dreamland.

Valentina – Violet Sky (Joe Goddard Remix)

We follow up one member of Hot Chip with another, but this time the member is the remixer. Joe Goddard brings some surly heat to his remix of Valentina’s “Violet Sky”. Everything about his remix is set to get feet shuffling to a mesmerizing beat. The increase in tempo does wonders for “Violet Sky” and takes this to an ultra cool level. I could easily see this featured in runway shows at New York Fashion Week. It’s that alluring.

Shallou with Daya – Older (Felix Cartal Remix)

I really dig what Felix Cartal does with his remix “Older”, the highly successful collaboration between Shallou and Daya. The more house-driven style creates a sonic bubbling that drives the emotions of the song to hit with the force of a thousand elephants. In a way, the remix creates more impact behind Daya’s vocal.

Better Lost Than Stupid Ft. CHANEY – Overboard (Dennis Ferrer Remix)

I love what Dennis Ferrer does on his remix of “Overboard” from the supergroup, Better Lost Than Stupid. He spins the track to have dubby beat that has mystical whimzy, which culminates in an infectious grooviness. The tech house sort of stylings works really well with the sounds of the original version.

Caravan Palace – Moonshine (Bakermat Remix)

If you are in need of something fun and uplifting, Bakermat’s remix of Caravan Palace’s “Moonshine” is exactly what the doctored ordered. Everything about the remix culminates in a spirited and arousing sonic experience. It’s not as electro-swing as a lot of caravan palace, which is probably why I enjoy this.

Breathe Carolina – Drive (GODAMN Remix)

Breathe Carolina’s “Drive” gets a bass house reimaging from the aptly named GODAMN. The duo from Switzerland peel away the prettiness and transform “Drive” into an in your face, grime-filled track. It definitely smacks you in the face and will have you say “god damn”.

Basement Jaxx Ft. Cassie Watson – Bingo Bango (The Cube Guys Remix)

Basement Jaxx dropped their Classics Remixed pack several days to go and I for one am thrilled. Basement Jaxx, alongside Daft Punk, Justice, Jamiroquai, and a few others, was my first introduction to dance music. There was no turning back from there and years later it’s my life. I highly suggest listening to the entire remix album, as well as, the entire Basement Jaxx discography. Since I had to choose just one track, I chose the “Red Alert” remix from The Cube Guys. It honors the original, which was always my favorite Basement Jaxx track, while still getting down and dirty in new ways.

Chris Lawyer – Right On Time (Douth! Remix)

Get ready for sticky icky. Douth! drops an absolute heater with his remix of Chris Lawyer’s “Right On Time”. When people talk about “bangers”, this remix is a great example of what a banger should feel like.

Greyson Chance – Dancing Next To Me (Wongo Remix)

Wongo always knows how to get a party started. His remix of Greyson Chance’s “Dancing Next To Me” continues his long string of explosive, party-thumpers. Not going to lie, I am really surprised by Wongo’s transformation of the track and how much I enjoy it. There are a lot of fun and wacky sounds that will intrigue even the most ADD riddled minds.

Cecilia Krull – Agnus Dei (Benny Benassi & BB Team Remix)

Benny Benassi and his team of production wizards, BB Team, collaborate to bring us the housified remix of “Agnus Dei” from the Spanish songstress, Cecilia Krull. There’s a mystical sort of feeling to this remix. It works really well with the thumping and driving beat. Cecilia also sounds like a siren, luring listeners into the emotion of the song.

Simply Red – Tonight (Mousse T. Remix)

Last week I featured, the “Thinking Of You” remix from Danny Trexin. This week, Simply Red gets ultra-sexy on the remix of “Tonight” from Mousse T. The German artist increases the tempo, dials up the bass, and adds an Isaac Hayes like voice over to form a level of coolness that would bring a tear to Isaac’s eye. In simpler terms, this is baby-making music at its finest.

Nora En Pure Ft. Lika Morgan – In The Air Tonight (Sons Of Maria Remix)

Nora En Pure teamed up with Lika Morgan to provide a dance cover of Phil Collins’s “In The Air Tonight”. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of Nora’s original, but I do like what Sons Of Maria do on the remix. The Swiss group add a delectable bass guitar rift that unleashes a sticky groove that takes this to an entertaining new level.


ODESZA Ft. Zyra – Say My Name (Big Wild Remix)

With Big Wild dropping the 5-year anniversary album of “Aftergold” and ODESZA dropping the first two tunes from their collaborative project with Golden Features, I felt it fitting to feature the “Say My Name” remix from Big Wild. The original version is still one of my all-time favorite tracks and sends chills coursing through my body. The Big Wild remix stays true to his identity and brings a whole new vibe that’s a riot. I wonder if Big Wild knew he was about to release a track that would send his career into the stratosphere just a few months later.

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