Cat Dealers Rework R3HAB and Icona Pop’s ‘This Is How We Party’

Brazilian duo Cat Dealers have remixed one of R3HAB’s biggest releases; ‘This Is How We Party‘ together with Swedish act Icona Pop.

Cat Dealers embrace their signature bass sound with this hard hitting remix. The edit keep the best parts of the original, specifically the hook from Icona Pop and builds upon it with a totally new production. With long progressing builds and a energetic drop, this remix would get a crazy reaction from festival go-ers.

With the original being a smashing success, this refresh from Cat Dealers will attract all the big room and harder music fans that might have skipped the initial release.

Cat Dealers’ banging remix of R3HAB & Icona Pop’s ‘This Is How We Party’ is out now through CYB3RPVNK




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