CHAiLD Drops Moving EP, ‘Urgent Care’

Leading indie and pop fans on a heart-wrenching journey through sound, CHAiLD is back with his new EP, Urgent Care. Of its six songs, the compilation opens with “Waterfall”, which encompasses intricate vocal layers that seduce its audience. The second single on Urgent Care is “Close To You”, featuring chilling waves of acoustic guitar that mesh smoothly with CHAiLD’s voice. This is followed by “You”, which changes moods and pace throughout, representing an auditory rollercoaster.

Urgent Care‘s second half is held down by “Hardcore”, “Urgent Care”, and “Hollywood Baby”. In “Hardcore”, CHAiLD catches listeners off guard with a heavier trap-type beat and a tantalizing display of vocals. Next, the EPs title anthem embodies a hypnotic percussion-based beat that pairs with CHAiLD’s dazzling lyrics. Closing out Urgent Care is “Hollywood”, filled with mesmerizing effects, transcendent synths, and more.

Take one listen through Urgent Care and it’s clear that this Brussels-based artist holds nothing back on this project. Speaking on its inspiration, CHAiLD shares, “‘Urgent care’ is my way of opening up to myself and to others. Throughout my life, I thought vulnerability was a flaw and that showing weakness resulted in an open invitation for people to hurt me. However now, I know I am allowed to tell people I’m not ok. It is ok to break down and to accept the fact that the world feels just a bit too much to handle from time to time.” Foreshadowing a thrilling road ahead for CHAiLD, this talented singer will be performing Urgent Care live during his upcoming tour dates across Luxembourg and other locations.




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