Citadel Esports 3.0: The Revolution Against Ranked System Woes in Gaming

In the competitive battleground of esports, where the majority of gamers dream of making it big, the problematic pitfalls in the ranked gaming structure have persistently posed obstacles. Citadel eSports, led by decorated combat veteran, visionary entrepreneur, and pro gamer Preston Eckhardt, is determined to eliminate these challenges by rewriting the whole system. Citadel’s mission is to restructure the gaming landscape, addressing the issues that are holding back esports right now – fragmentation, lack of innovation, and the constant struggle to keep things sustainable.

The Flawed Esports Ranked System: A Gamer’s Dilemma

Let’s be real – the current ranked gaming systems, especially in the updated versions of games like League of Legends, are a bit of a jumble. They promise a competitive space for gamers to climb the ranks and maybe go pro someday. Yet, they use ML/AI technology to compel gamers to be stuck in a loop, constantly spending more time and money, without making any real progress towards their gaming goals.

Imagine you’re in the midst of a gripping League of Legends match, climbing the rank ladder; but on your way, you notice that the system isn’t playing fair. It’s like the game has become this boss obsessed with money, forcing you into a never-ending grind. You keep playing with the hope of reaching the skill levels, in-game achievements, and high ranks you desire, but never actually get there. Well, this is the harsh reality for many gamers.

This flawed setup isn’t just crushing gamers’ dreams; it’s also throwing the entire esports world into chaos, creating a mess that’s hard to sustain. This is precisely the void that Citadel Esports aims to fill with its revolutionary approach.

Citadel Esports: Esports 3.0 – Where the Real Game Begins

A Challenger level gamer in League of Legends himself, Preston Eckhardt aims to rectify this major hiccup in esports by introducing what he terms as “Esports 3.0” with Citadel – a comprehensive esports infrastructure. Citadel Esports is set out to become the biggest hub for esports infrastructure, launching Esports 3.0 to organize and rewrite the entire rulebook for the gaming scene. It will include Citadel Cafes for socializing and gaming, Citadel Academies to train future esports stars and content creators, and the Citadel Pro League for high-level competitions. Citadel’s Esports 3.0 isn’t just about playing games; it’s about building communities, earning money from gaming skills, and establishing a worldwide network where gamers can succeed.

Citadel Cafe transforms the esports experience, offering cutting-edge setups for gamers to connect, compete, and have fun. More than just a gaming spot, it’s a friendly hub that celebrates every gamer’s passion and brings them together, forming a supportive community – making it unique and special.

The Citadel academy aims to provide a unique experience for aspiring esports athletes by combining in-person coaching with a robust online curriculum. By bringing together the best talent in esports titles like League of Legends, Valorant, Rocket League, Call of Duty, and Fortnite, Citadel is creating a curriculum that is unparalleled in the industry. The hybrid model mixing in-person coaching with online lessons ensures participants receive expert coaching and specialized gaming insights. This innovative method has proven highly successful in teaching complex subjects. While challenges are part of the journey, Citadel relies on a clever “backwards planning” method to foresee and address all potential hiccups.

As Citadel Academy and Citadel Cafe gathers genuine gaming enthusiasts, Citadel Pro League will start league games within the community, along with offering the guidance from the big shots of the academy. This will not only keep the gamers in constant practice mode, improving their skills, but also will prepare them for the big leagues that they will attend on a regular basis.

The Esports Consortium: Shaping the Future of Esports

To boost its initiatives, Citadel has also brought together the first-ever Esports Consortium – a team of elite esports athletes, experts, and leaders. These seasoned advisors work collaboratively in Citadel to navigate obstacles and shape the future of esports. With this formidable team, Citadel not only aims to set higher standards but also to transform the landscape of competitive gaming.

Citadel Esports Cafe, under the guidance of Preston Eckhardt, isn’t just addressing the glaring issues in the current esports ranking system; it’s bringing a paradigm shift in the industry with Esports 3.0. Through Citadel Cafes, Academies, and the Pro League, the company is building a worldwide esports community that’s inclusive, well-organized, and caters to the overall growth of gamers worldwide instead of just cruelly pitting them against each other. As esports evolves, Citadel takes the lead, building a future where every gamer has the opportunity to truly shine.




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