Call Of Duty Warzone Just Added Music From Skrillex, Tiësto, DMX + More

Call of Duty today released season 6 for Modern Warfare, bringing a whole new battle pass for Multiplayer and Warzone.

Last season, a new feature was introduced in which you could have a song or sound playing whilst riding a vehicle. These initial songs were largely generic and were nothing special. Today, that has been taken to the next level, with real life songs added.

Three EDM anthems have been added. Call of Duty have taken it old school by adding in two classic Skrillex tracks; ‘Bangarang’ and ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’. These two have been beloved within the music and gaming community, making for an epic fit – almost 10 years on from their release. The third track is a much newer and is ‘Party Time’ from Tiësto and SWACQ, released last year.

There is also three Hip Hop tracks. Jack Harlow’s ‘WHATS POPPIN’, DMX’s ‘Ruff Ryder’s Anthem’ as well as Clipse’s ‘Grindin’. In addition, Call of Duty also added tracks from past franchises such as the Modern Warfare Series and Black Ops. This means that the iconic anthems from all three Modern Warfare’s as well as all four Black Ops games are now in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2020 Multiplayer.

This is a great addition to the game and to no extra cost beyond the battle pass. One question that many will ask is about copyright, will online clips with this music be claimed? We’ll have to wait and see but hopefully not. It’s doubtful that any content creators will be using them however, just to be safe.

You can listen through the tracks below




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