Coachella Has Unsurprisingly Canceled Its April 2021 Dates

Coachella Festival’s planned return for April 2021 has been canceled. According to Dr. Cameron Kaiser, the public health officer for Riverside County where the annual festival is held every year.

The postponement is the third time the massive two-weekend festival has had to change dates due to concerns over coronavirus. Last March, the festival’s April dates with headliners Travis Scott, Frank Ocean and Rage Against the Machine were postponed until early October. Then, in June, the October dates were canceled as well.

Planned for April 9-11 and 16-18 this year, there really wasn’t a feasible option to holding the event at the time. The question on Coachella and fans’ minds will be, when will they reschedule to? With the vaccine rolling out, events in America will slowly be re-introduced. Give that they have already canceled three times, they would not want to do it again. Coachella in April of 2022 seems to be achievable, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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