‘Crazy Love’ Is The Latest Link Up Between Above & Beyond & Zoë Johnston

Above & Beyond and Zoë Johnston’s new collaboration is a euphoric trance song that premiered at their massive Los Angeles show in 2022. Played at their sets ever since, it’s become a fan favourite.

Above & Beyond have been making some incredible music as of late and ‘Crazy Love’ is their latest in the collection.

Their latest hit, “Over Now,” alongside Seven Lions and Opposite The Other, was a radio phenomenon, soaring to the Top 30 in the US charts and earning frequent airplay on stations like Sirius XM BPM, iHeart Evolution, and over 600 local stations worldwide. This success solidifies Above & Beyond’s collaborative strength.

But Zoë Johnston, the GRAMMY-nominated singer and songwriter lending her vocals to the track, is no newcomer to the scene. Their partnership dates back to 2004’s “No One On Earth,” and her contributions extend far beyond just guest features. She’s co-written and sung on both dance and acoustic studio albums for Above & Beyond, leaving her mark on beloved hits like “Good For Me,” “You Got To Go,” “Love Is Not Enough,” and countless others. Her talent extends beyond their collaboration, with songwriting credits for artists like Faithless, Bent, and Delirium, and an impressive 12 million streams on her solo work in 2023 alone. Zoë Johnston is a powerhouse vocalist and songwriter, adding another layer of brilliance to Above & Beyond’s music.

Image credit: Luke Dyson




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