CREME unveils stunning 7-track ‘Punchdrunk’ EP

CRÈME’s impressive 7-track EP is here. Since August 2021 the unique CRÈME has been carefully rolling out tracks from the EP, and so far it’s already garnered over 6 million plays in the global streamosphere.

Starting with Shanghai, a collaboration with Silent Child. Straddling between alternative rock, trap and EDM, Punchdrunk establishes a unique and dynamic sound. All the tracks on the EP were written and produced together with Silent Child (aka Rodney), whose enigmatic blues infused guitar hooks around metallic synth leads tackle moods of hope, abandonment, power and powerlessness.

“We wanted to make tracks that would be powerful both in live shows as well as in an intimate earphone experience, and I think we succeeded” says Trixie, aka CRÈME, who began work on the EP in the fall of lockdown 2020 when Patrick Reza, a mutual friend and mentor introduced her to Rodney. Right away the two set out to combine their talents. No one else was involved on these tracks, Rodney did all the mixing and mastering. “I feel like each track on Punchdrunk is a chapter from the book of my life – little snapshots in time, Rodney and I created a special sound space that allowed all my different emotions to fearlessly be expressed. I’m no longer afraid to sing my truth!”

“I credit working over Zoom as having a role in being able to tear down any obstacles to writing such honest songs. Collaborating that way, in headphone’s and behind a screen, was a completely freeing experience for me. On Zoom, all that matters is the music we’re making, there are no distractions. Time becomes precious that way and forces us to focus on crafting tracks that we truly love.”

Punchdrunk is simply another impressive addition to Trixie’s booming discography. It’s a bona fide showcase of growth and determination. 

You can listen to the release below:




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