David Guetta Re-Envisions ‘Memories’ With 2021 Slap House Remix

There is no denying slap house’s recent up rise, to many peoples pleasure and many’s annoyance. It has now reached the top dogs as David Guetta blends the genre into his 2021 take on his own classic Kid Cudi collab ‘Memories’.

The 2010 release was a major hit for both parties. Over 10 years later and the track still gets plenty of plays among fans and DJs.

Recently, David Guetta has been editing and remixing many of his past releases, injecting a fresh feel into them. His future rave sound with MORTEN can be heard in many of his new edits. It does beg the question, why did he not do a future rave edit of ‘Memories’? Critics are sure to ponder this question as this slap house remix is far from a stand out when it comes to Guetta’s recent musical offerings.




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