Decimate Drops Filthy Disciple-Signed ‘Defective’ EP Alongside Svgmaze

LA-based electronic artist Decimate brings an imaginative cyberpunk energy to a riddim-oriented bass track in the riveting “Defective,” single. Produced alongside Svgmaze, colorful and melodic at just right moments, while barbarically heavy at others, the juxtaposition ingrained makes the sound here feel palpable. Opening up with fast-paced drums that lead to a robotic voice brokenly giving more input as to what the theme is here exactly, the listener isn’t quite sure what may come next. Crunchy drum work soon segues into to filthy bass in the form of dubstep as the energy level picks up and the drop ensues. Not following the average structure of an electronic track, the drop hit’s at just about the 30 second mark, more instantaneously holding your attention as the tightly woven melodic elements play out. Moments later, another drop strikes with a familiar gravity and framework. The single is full of surprises, not giving much room to predict the melodic progression, sample choice, or song section that may follow – with that said, you trust it will fit and the composition will flow as it should.

Clearly on a wavelength that’s in demand and totally his own, Decimate’s “Defective,” is apart of a 4-track EP that expands the gritty glory which the opening single lays down. “Deletion,” throws in more of the riddim goodness with a raw and technical approach. Packed full of rhythmic fever and a slight dark-wave embracement, “Deletion,” fits right into the vibes “Defective,” sets up. “Defjamz,” is arguably one of the hardest tracks on the EP, boasting jaw-dropping build-ups alongside well-cut up masculine vocals that give it a trap-edge. “Derailed,” finishes things off with a creepy nature and is easily the most ambitious and experimental of the bunch. Really going deep in Decimate’s uniquely cultivated sound, the clucky design does not hold back in the least as the EP comes to a close.

Ryan Hanover, known as Decimate, has gained plenty of production experience under his belt, boasting a thick catalog that dates back to 2017. Enjoying his abilities to bring out a more dynamic arrangement when it comes to his bass music – as heard in Defective EP – the young solo DJ/producer has been recognized for his work as well, gaining the support of names like DJ Diesel, Zomboy, Flux Pavilion, Skism, and signing to labels like Savage Society, Never Say Die, Buygore, 40oz cult, and DISCIPLE.

Released on Disciple’s Round Table Imprint, Defective EP gives a birds-eye view of just how capable this rising artist is.




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