Don Diablo’s Got A ‘Hexagon’ Comic Book Series On The Way

Don Diablo is set to take the world of Hexagonia into yet another realm, today it was revealed that the Dutch electronic icon is set to bring out a new comic series titled Hexagon.

The first issue will premiere on Day 2 of New York Comic Con at Javits Center this Friday and so far we know the series will feature five issues in 2020. It will be available in both a printed and digital formats.

Don Diablo collaborated on the project with veteran comic Michael Moreci (Wasted Space, Black Star Renegades) and Impact Theory, the Beverly Hills company founded by Tom and Lisa Bilyeu.

The official Synopsis revealed to Deadline tells us a little bit more about the story in the series. “Hexagon revolves around a lonely boy, Don, who is obsessed with winning the hottest video game, Crucible. The trouble is, his father forbids him to play.”

“Don loves his father, but when he leaves on yet another business trip, Don sneaks out with his friends to an all-night game-a-thon with the intention of impressing a girl. Don overshoots the mark, and to everyone’s surprise, on his first quarter ever, he’s able to beat the game everyone called ‘impossible to beat.’  In an instant, his world is turned upside down when his victory triggers an alien invasion and sucks him into an intergalactic battle that has been raging for years.”

H/T: Deadline




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