See How Eric Prydz Made The EPIC 6.0 Holosphere

It was set to be one of the most anticipated sets of the year, tens of thousands were likely flocking to Tomorrowland with this set as their possible main highlight. For those who saw it, this rung true. However heavy rains and a stroke of bad luck meant only one weekend got to experience it. We are indeed talking about Eric Prydz‘s ‘EPIC 6.0’.

In this BTS look into EPIC 6.0 (which stands for ‘Eric Prydz In Concert‘) for The Verge‘s Future of Music, Prydz sits down with the voice of dance music and editorial icon Dani Deahl. The DJ, Producer and editor is also the Vice President of the Recording Academy in Chicago. They discuss the motivation for the EPIC short-run experiences, how much it costs and introduce us to the team who helped build it.

Unfortunately, as we all know the second weekend of Tomorrowland was hit with the closure of the Freedom stage due to structural damage. This interview, however, was recorded beforehand in London where the stge was designed.

We learn the design was the result of more than two years of work, requiring the collaborative work hundreds of designers, animators and engineers. It was also interestingly partly based on the structure of death bike rings which if you are interested to see in full action you can see below.

While those of you who did manage to see the performance weekend one can cherish their experience that much more, the rest of us can now take a peak behind the scenes look into what inspired the one of a kind design and how it was built.




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