Remix Radar 049: Featuring Lost Frequencies, SOPHIE, and Joris Voorn

Welcome back to Remix Radar. I’m not going to sugarcoat it or lie, America is struggling. Protests have sprung up against the killing of black Americans by Law Enforcement after the killing of George Floyd. These protests were set off by his murder, but they are also in protest of the killings of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, as well as, the many deaths that happened before in the hands of Law Enforcement. It is sickening that “The Land Of The Free” is capable of modern-day lynchings in 2020 by those who are supposed to serve and protect the communities. On top of that, it is disgusting that peaceful protests are being met with tear gas, rubber bullets, and militarized police forces. There has even been killings of protestors, arrests of reporters, and other injustices. We can’t ignore these things or our civil liberties will disappear.

What can we do to change help our black and minority communities, friends, and compatriots? First, we must listen to their voices and hear the issues they are facing. It is not a time for us to talk or to issue our thoughts. We must allow our black friends to have a voice. From there, we as a society can support the necessary reforms and look into alternative solutions to the militarized police forces across the country. No black person or minority should feel that they could be targeted and killed just because they left their home.

To learn how you can help, Black Lives Matter has collected a lot of information, which can be found on their Instagram and website. You can also follow the link here, which is a google doc organized with tons of information and approved places to donate, even for our global reader base. Now is not the time to sit idly by. Now is a time to support each other and fight against oppression to better the lives of everyone. Love each other. Listen to each other. We can create a world of equality and understanding. I am hopeful we can change do this.

Now, here is this week’s Remix Radar edition, which will be my last until I feel it is time for me to share new music with all of you. I apologize if this distracts from the important issues at hand, but I felt it was necessary to use this platform to help support the cause, while also providing people some new tunes to listen to as they consider what they can do to help.

Major Lazer Ft. Marcus Mumford – Lay Your Head On Me (Lost Frequencies Remix)

We start things off with the Lost Frequencies remix of the super collaboration between Major Lazer and Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons. I really did not like the original. It was not my cup of tea, to say the least. However, Lost Frequencies nailed the remix and created a great deep dance sound that combines exquisitely with Marcus Mumford’s vocals.

FLETCHER – Forever (SOPHIE Remix)

I’m still not entirely sure I get SOPHIE. She’s very peculiar, but from that she brings forward some of the most original and unique sounds. Her remix of FLETCHER’s “Forever” is a bit more tame, but she still brings her style of ingenuity to reimagine the track into something that’s more than a pop record. This remix will be a good introduction to SOPHIE

Dua Lipa – Break My Heart (Joris Voorn Remix)

Since I last released a Remix Radar, we received two remixes of Dua Lipa’s “Break My Heart”. One from Jax Jones and the other from Joris Voorn. Jax’s is — of course — that upbeat, uplifting sound he’s known for. The Joris Voorn version isn’t as typical Joris as we know him, but his work synth is incredible where it combines with a delicious beat and Dua’s voice to get the coldest of souls dancing.

Ellie Goulding Ft. blackbear – Worry About Me (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

Another track that we’ve received a full remix pack, since the last Remix Radar. It includes versions from MK, Lost Frequencies, Krystal Klear, and the standout remix from Maya Jane Coles. The dark tones create a sonic environment that stirs the senses.

Duke Dumont Ft. Say Lou Lou – Nightcrawler (Tensnake Remix)

Tensnake provides the first remix, since the release of Duke Dumont’s debut album, Duality. I actually prefer the Tensnake remix to the original version. The quicker beat and full array of disco-esque sounds take “Nightcrawler” to a dazzling level of coolness.

Tensnake also dropped a remix for Dombresky and Boston Bun’s “Stronger”, since the last installment of Remix Radar. It is also great.

Remi Wolf – Photo ID (Free Nationals Remix)

I was super pumped to see that Free Nationals did a remix. Most of us will recognize who they are, but for the uninitiated they are Anderson .Paak’s live band, which has led to some amazing live sets like their recent Coachella appearance. Their rework of Remi Wolf’s “Photo ID” is delightfully groovy and sends listeners to funkalicious lands built by the original purveyors, George Clinton, Commodores, Chic, and many others.

Marc Houle – Arizona (Claude VonStroke Remix)

Neatly packed alongside Marc Houle and Claude VonStroke’s recent collaboration, “Fly Guy” is a Claude VonStroke remix of Marc’s “Arizona”. For some reason, I haven’t seen much mention of this remix, which is a bit sad because it’s amazing and deserves attention. It has the Claude wackiness but styled in a slapping techno sound.

SACHI Ft. Naïka – Enchanté (Phantoms Remix)

The hilarious duo that is Phantoms makes their triumphant debut on Remix Radar. Every week you can hear the two muse and say some ridiculous things on SiriusXM on Diplo’s Revolution, which I suggest doing. In the meantime, their remix of SACHI’s “Enchanté” is a smooth groovy dance record that will stick in your mind for days to come.

Cubicolor – Wake Me Up (Tale Of Us Remix)

Two incredible artists combine on this remix. Tale Of Us and Cubicolor are both known for soaring sounds with emotive electricity, which has astounded listeners both digitally and live. It’s no surprise that the Tale Of Us remix of “Wake Me Up” is incredible and will sink its teeth deep into listeners sending shivers of emotion cascading over them.

Classixx – One More Song (Lazywax Remix)

Lazywax’s remix of Classixx is as smooth as polished rock you can purchase out roadside tourist shops that dot the American highway system. Beyond that, the remix of “One More Song” shimmers with gleeful sounds and energy that it will bring a little bit of happiness to anyone that listens.

Elder Island – JPP (Matthew Dear Remix)

The remixes of indie-darlings, Elder Island, continues with the Matthew Dear remix of “JPP”. Matthew spins his version into something a bit more dancy while retaining the soul and emotive quality of the original. It works quite well and is nothing short of perfect.

Moon Boots – W.T.F (Tinlicker Remix)

Moons Boots has dropped a lot of great remixes of tracks of his album, Bimini Road. It continues with the Tinlicker remix of “W.T.F”. Honestly, I love Tinlicker’s version even more than the original. He creates a world of emotion that radiates as each note licks the side of your ear drums, transporting you deep into the soundscape.

Purple Disco Machine & Sophie and the Giants – Hypnotized (Roosevelt Remix)

Those of you who have read a lot of these Remix Radars will know that I am pretty big fan of Purple Disco Machine so what I am about to say will come as a surprise. I honestly wasn’t a big fan of the original of “Hypnotized” and felt it was a bit underwhelming. It was solid, but not amazing like I expect from Purple Disco Machine. With that being said, Roosevelt delivered an incredible remix that is exactly what I wanted from the track. Roosevelt turns up the disco flavorings that turn this into an exquiste record.

Claptone & Mylo – Drop The Pressure (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

What a surprise, a Purple Disco Machine remix on Remix Radar. This time he gets the funky disco vibes just right as he transforms Claptone and Mylo’s “Drop The Pressure”. Honestly, any time there is a Purple Disco Machine remix of Claptone you know it’s going to be an absolute disco banger.

Booka Shade & Kaktus Einarsson – Perfect In A Way (Ben Böhmer Remix)

Booka Shade had disappeared on a hiatus of a while until their recent album release of Dear Future Self. It’s great to have the duo back and I hope to hear a lot more from them over the next year. The first remix from the album comes from Ben Böhmer and his spin of “Perfect In A Way”. Ben takes the track to his melodic realm where his synth work dazzles and mesmerizes.

Marian Hill – like u do (clear eyes remix)

It took me a second play through to truly appreciate the clear eyes remix of “like u do”. It’s quite minimal, but that bareness allows the inventive beat and sound design to shine through. The design also works really well with the original Marian Hill vibe of vocal chops and prickly beat work.

First World – Just a Feeling (Luis Crucet Remix)

Every once in a while, I’ll receive a remix from a young, rising act that blows me away. It happened again and this time it’s from Luis Crucet and his remix of First World’s “Just a Feeling”. Luis’s remix is quite inventive with sissling synth design backed by intricate beat work that creates a gooey vibrance. Keep an eye on Luis Crucet. I have a feeling it will be well worth it.

Biicla – Deeper (Zeds Dead x Funkin Matt Remix)

Zeds Dead teams-up with Funkin Matt to remix Biicla’s “Deeper”. The collaborative remix sees them transform “Deeper” into something more rambunctious and in your face with fewer pop tones. It’s quite a cool record overall.

Eli & Fur – Fuse (Jan Blomqvist Remix)

I love what Jan Blomqvist does with his remix of Eli & Fur’s “Fuse”. His sound dark and minimalistic sound design meshes with the vocal to create a poignant quality that you will get lost in as the record traverses through the sonic world.

Ferreck Dawn Ft. Shyam P – Remedy (Amine Edge & DANCE X DJ Deeon X DJ Lil’Tal’S South Side Remix)

I love this collaborative remix from Amine Edge, DANCE X, DJ Deeon, and DJ Lil’Tal. It has the right punchiness in the beat. The synth progression is really cool with the right sharp tone that pierces the soul and gets you dancing. I would love to see what this would do in a club.

Deborah de Luca & F-Rontal – 12 DAYS LEFT (I AM BAM Remix)

I AM BAM takes us to the techno underworld with his remix of “12 DAYS LEFT” from Deborah de Luca and F-Rontal. His sound design is stunning with the use of some really intriguing sounds that play with the techno beat to dazzle.


Feist – My Moon My Man (Grizzly Bear Remix)

Grizzly Bear doesn’t often remix tracks, but when they do they are nothing short of incredible. Their remix of Feist’s “My Moon My Man” comes all the way from 2009, right around the time of their critical and commercial hit “Two Weeks” from Veckatimest. Due to that, I feel many of us may have missed this remix, which is a travesty. The beat, sound design, and the interplay with Feist’s vocals are truly beautiful. I highly suggest listening to this.




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