Eli & Fur Follow Up Their Debut Album With Moving House Single ‘Burning’

Following up their debut album which went on to critical acclaim, Eli & Fur are back in the saddle with a new single. Released on Positiva Records, “Burning,” is their next sensation, primed with positive vibes which will send a euphoric tingle down your spine. The track features the talented songwriting of Camden Cox, a fitting addition to an already talented duo at hand.

Within the tune, a house energy takes shape as the bass melody sets the mood. Rhythmic synths pick up as the vocals begin to come into play. Moments later, the drop comes forth with a hook included, “we keep burnin’/’ ‘we keep burnin'” enchanting with a emotional surprise. Deeply rooted in house aesthetics, the uplifting pop elements balance out the dramatic instrumental at hand.

Eli & Fur have over 1.3 million monthly listeners attached to their name, accumulated through their well known collaborations, remixes, and originals.

The duo are used to the touring life, their shows been plentiful before the pandemic and picking right up as things open up post-lockdown. “Burning,” acts as a reminder that Eli & Fur treat each of their releases with respect and with the end-fan in mind, their songs always having an edge that will keep you coming back for more.




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