Eric Prydz Releases The Second PRYDA 15 EP

Originally meaning to release each EP in June, July & August, due to an “issue with the files”, PRYDA 15 VOL II  was delayed and ultimately missed the July release date and landed on August 2nd. Although, the delay was forgotten about when fans learnt what was inside. The 8 track EP includes music that fans have been awaiting for multiple years.

This EP is another treat for fans, which many shocked that they actually have their hands on some of this music. As with all of Prydz’ other music, these productions are on another level. With some of the best music engineering in the game, these are a a real pleasure for the ears.

If plans are on track, we should expect Pryda’s third and last iteration in the 15 year anniversary trio later this month.

A fan on Reddit converted the tracklist to what the tracks have been known as throughout their existence pre release.

  1. Sonar = Sonar ID 01
  2. From Within
  3. The Riddle = Montreux Jazz ID
  4. Humlan = Queen 2010 ID
  5. Legacy = Sonar ID 02
  6. Villa Mercedes
  7. The Hiidden = Hï Ibiza ID
  8. The Drive = Mambo 2015 ID




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