Eric Prydz Releases PRYDA 15 VOL I, The 1st Of 3 EP’s

Eric Prydz is back with new Pryda music, this time to commemorate 15 years of Pryda Recordings. After doing 3 separate EP’s for the 10th anniversary, Pryda is doing that again with 3 EP’s coming in June, July and August.

The tracks include:

  1. Illumination

  2. Moln

  3. Warrior

  4. Linked

  5. Dawn

  6. New Eras

With 6 tracks totaling 48 minutes, this is an extensive EP – which is what we’ve come to expect from the Swede. Fans have been hearing these productions in his sets for many years now and it’s very exciting to see them finally released. Once again, Eric Pryda have shown his versatility and offered a killer progressive EP. After being spoiled with the 1st EP, we cannot fathom what’s to come in the next two months.

These EPs follow Prydz’s latest offering, a massive remix of Cristoph and Camelphat’s collaboration, “Breathe” (feat. Jem Cooke). Pryda 15 marks a milestone achievement for the iconic Prydz, who is premiering his impressive 3D live EPIC 6.0 Holosphere show soon at Tomorrowland, July 19th-21st.




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