Fred again.. & Obongjayar’s New Single ‘adore u’ Goes Public

In the dynamic world of music, where artists are perpetually pushing boundaries, it’s refreshing to see the likes of Fred again.. and Nigerian singer Obongjayar team up to create something outstanding. Their recent collaborative single, “adore u,” is an ode to their camaraderie. The track ingeniously melds a dreamy instrumental by Fred with a heartwarming sample of Obongjayar’s “I Wish It Was Me”. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the bond they share, evident from a candid photo shared by Obongjayar on Twitter, capturing them in the essence of creation.

The single was given a sneak peak live rendition, when Obongjayar graced the stage during Fred’s Lollapalooza Festival set in Chicago on August 4th. Such collaborations carry a ripple effect, often drawing artists closer both professionally and personally. This very trip saw Fred dining with Selena Gomez, sparking whispers of another potential collaboration. The prospect of her joining forces with Fred offers a tantalizing promise to the music world.

But beyond collaborations, it’s vital to recognize individual achievements. Fred is ascending the music scene with a momentum that’s hard to ignore. Preparing for a four-night spree at London’s prestigious Alexandra Palace, he’s also garnered a Mercury Prize nomination for Actual Life 3, marking his place as a favorite to clinch the award.

On the flip side, Obongjayar’s voice reverberates with a profound message. In a conversation with Rolling Stone Australia, he shed light on the struggles of being an artist in today’s age. The post-pandemic inertia he experienced was counterbalanced by an intense work regimen, but he admits it led to stress. His recent track “Just Cool” encapsulates his perspective on pacing oneself. The release of an artist’s first album is akin to a rite of passage, but Obongjayar emphasizes that it doesn’t warrant undue pressure. Music should flow naturally, not feel like a grind.

As August and September approach, all eyes will be on Fred’s performances. Yet, the true victory lies not just in sold-out shows or chart-topping singles, but in the realization that music should be an expression, not an exhausting endeavor. The journey of both artists reminds us that amid chaos, it’s crucial to find your rhythm and cherish it.

Fred again… Tour Dates:

August 2023:
26: Connect Festival, Edinburgh

September 2023:
4: Alexandra Palace, London
5: Alexandra Palace, London
6: Alexandra Palace, London
8: Alexandra Palace, London




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