Frida Sundemo Shares Emotionally Charged “Sounds In My Head” EP

Frida Sundemo was raised in a highly musical environment as she grew up in the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden. Inspired by artists such as Green Day, Björk, Tom Waits, and Thom Yorke, Sundemo also draws inspiration from composers like Hans Zimmer and John Williams, influencing the spatial and often cinematic quality to her music. Approaching her songwriting internally, the genius inside of her graciously finds itself present atop the melancholic chord progressions and soothing toplines she constantly delivers in her records. Accompanied by her alluring vocal presence, it’s almost impossible to deny her talent.

Now releasing the emotionally charged “Sounds In My Head” EP, Frida seeks artistic fulfillment within the project explaining the concept behind it is simply “ideas and feelings inside of me translated into music.”

”Sounds In My Head is very much about contrasting feelings, like guilt and love, fear and courage. I love mixing opposites like that ’cause I feel like it intensifies those separate feelings. That’s also what I try to do with my music, like creating a world with both the tiny and fragile as well as the bombastic and big. Hopefully more people than me will recognise those mixed emotions.” – Frida Sundemo





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