Galantis Bring It With New Single ‘Holy Water’

Swedish duo Galantis are back with a brand new single in ‘Holy Water’, their sixth release of the year. After a slew of collaborations with the likes of OneRepublic, Passion Pit and Yellow Claw, Galantis have opted for a singular release this time around. 

Utilising the brilliant vocals to create the center-point of the track, it then leads into a creative range of vocal cuts being laid out through the build and drop. Galantis scream creativity with their releases and this one is not different.

All in all, this release is signature Galantis, meaning it has appealing qualities for the mainstream yet remains a solid dance production. With their immense success in the past few years, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this record follow a similar path. Although it’s evident it does not have the same potential of tracks such as ‘You’, ‘Runaway’, ‘No Money’ and countless others – this still has a serious chance of doing well!

We’ll likely see ‘Holy Water’ on Galantis’ upcoming third studio album.




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