Galantis & JVKE Collaborate On Dance Pop Single ‘Fool 4 U’ Featuring Enisa

Galantis, a Swedish duo, have done it again with their single “Fool 4 U”. The song’s lively, pulsing beat and infectious melody make it a fantastic dance track from a beloved group.

The lyrics express the singer’s unwavering affection for their partner, despite the challenges that may arise in their relationship. The chorus repeats the line “I’m a fool for you” to emphasize the singer’s profound love and dedication to their partner. The song’s bridge includes a catchy, repetitive section that contributes to its infectious and danceable qualities. Overall, “Fool 4 U” is a lively, high-energy dance-pop anthem that celebrates the strength of love and commitment in a relationship. Its upbeat, unforgettable melody and lyrics make easy to return to again and again.

Galantis is a Swedish EDM duo who have exploded within the USA scene and beyond close to 10 years ago. With hits like “Runaway (U & I)” and “No Money,” among many others, they’ve earned multiple award nominations and performed at festivals worldwide. Galantis has also remixed tracks for major artists like Coldplay and Katy Perry. They’ve collaborated with other electronic artists such as DVBBS and Throttle, on top of pop stars like OneRepublic and Charli XCX. Galantis continues to innovate and push the boundaries of electronic music with their uplifting and dynamic productions.

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