Galantis, Lucas & Steve, & IRILA Join Forces On Cosmic-Inspired Single ‘Alien’

A powerhouse blend of collaborators have joined forces on one single “Alien.” Galantis, Lucas & Steve, alongside IRILA have beautifully blended their talents to generate an incredible atmosphere that can’t be passed up. The signature sounds of all three artist make a clear appearance, each name that has a part here works off each other to bring about a stronger song than if each artist released something individually.

“Alien,” embraces a fun-loving galactic them, sharing a story of shooting across the solar system and being free. The upbeat vocals, colorful melodies, and thumping drums infusing the extraterrestrial energy that’s innately connected to this song. Out on Spinnin’ Records, this single shares plenty of sonic qualities that will surely stand the test of time.

The combination of accolades between the three names jaw dropping, there being over 4+ billion plays, touring history that spans the globe, and a collective fan base which seemingly reached into the millions between them.

“Alien,” was simply meant to be and showcases the feverish creative chemistry between all the acts involved. Don’t miss out on the hype of this single, which can be heard in full directly below.




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