The Two Fake Blondes A Unique Married Couple Who’ve Released ‘Good 4 U’

Boasting incredible energy and brand that stands out for many meaningful reasons, “Good 4 U” is attention-grabbing on the surface, thus pulling you into the unique story The Two Fake Blondes embody. Petey Mac and Hannah Mac are married and are the two founding members of the group. Undeniably cute and picturesque, The Two Fake Blondes are down right serious when it comes to the quality of production and direction of the group.

“Good 4 U” is a tried and true example of this essence they bring to the table. A beat from Petey Mac instantly shows that’s he’s been in the production game for some time, while Hannah Mac channels an absolutely captivating timbre on the vocal front. The two together make it feel that the pursuit of the project was simply meant to be.

Diving deeper into their Spotify, the versatility in their single is hard not to take note of. Some works are empowering and energizing, while others pulls on the heart-strings with a soft spoken nature.

The Two Fake Blondes have a level of enchantment few can touch, see for yourself in “Good 4 U,” below.




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