Got A Tesla? Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Are Now Supported With new Update

This week Tesla drivers got a pleasant surprise from the company – a new but long overdue software update that now allows drivers to access their entertainment from the car’s system. Tesla had announced earlier in the year that streaming was coming to the consoles at the centre of the car, but as with many Tesla updates we weren’t sure exactly when this would be.

Previously the only built-in services available were Slacker Radio and TuneIn, the new update now lets drivers watch Netflix, YouTube or Hulu only whilst they are in the parked mode, but you can blast your tunes out via Spotify while driving. The update is rolling out via an over-the-air updates this coming week.

The touchscreen that houses all of the car’s controls is a beautiful and big display, so now it doubles as an on the go TV which we are sure will get some decent use, or help you keep up with big sports games while on a road trip – although we aren’t sure how much battery it will drain.

The update also includes a feature touted as “Caraoke” to let drivers and passengers sing along to their hits and it comes included with a library of music and song lyrics with support for multiple languages.

Along with the entertainment upgrade, Tesla is also adding best practice videos on car usage along with smart map features it calls “I’m Feeling Lucky” and “I’m Feeling Hungry” which will help you find local restaurants and city landmarks.

Inside of Tesla Car




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