How Emmit Fenn is leading a change in artist-fan interaction with an album a week

It’s no secret that the rate at which music is being released and the speed with which it is consumed has reached unprecedented levels. With the attention economy moving at breakneck speed and henceforth the lifespan of the song being reduced dramatically, in order to keep the attention of the listener, we’re seeing artists and labels constantly having to innovate, the most successful of whom are finding new ways of creating experiences around the fan. 

Emmit Fenn is one such artist who has recently tapped into the power of putting the focus on the fanbase, rather than general consumption itself.  One of the few producers to have worked alongside pop phenomenon Billie Eilish, other than her brother and closest collaborator Finneas, Emmit Fenn co-wrote and produced “bitches broken hearts” back in 2017. So far, Emmit Fenn has also produced for the likes of Lolo Zouai, Yuna, Ry X and Vic Mensa and scored the TV show Five Points for Mary Ramos (Quentin Tarantino’s music supervisor), in addition to achieving a #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral charts for 7 days right after it was released. 

Now, though Emmit Fenn is ready to share his next album with the public, his professional team have requested he delay the release – to which he’s found a strong solution. 

 The artist announced recently in a social media post that he would be releasing a weekly project, each one centered around a specific theme, with Week 1 being beautiful piano gems, Week 2 being weird electronic music and Week 3 being acoustic guitar anthems. Now at Week 5, and Emmit Fenn is sharing an hour-long song, bringing together soothing piano melodies and ambient soundscapes. When it comes to the whole initiative, here’s what the artist shared on social media: 

“I’m gonna try something different. So here it is. Every week I am going to release an album. The albums will be private, sent to only those who want it, and will consist of songs made that week and maybe some old stuff that never made it.” 

With no way to monetise these releases, available just in the form of a private soundcloud link, Emmit stands by his word to put his fans first, without financial incentive. An artist and visionary, he serves as an example of how the modern-day artist can leverage volume of content in a way that creates an exclusive and immersive experience for fans.

Fans and new listeners who want to listen to Emmit Fenn’s weekly albums can text +1 (415) 843-6648 (US only) or join his Discord server here





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