Howen And Trevor Omoto Team Up On Classic Future House Sound In ‘Not Mine’

“Not Mine,” brings together two rising artist for a noble reason. Both of these guys enjoy the hype of the future house days, and pay tribute to this time period with the release of “Not Mine.”

The tune is sleek and stunning, featuring this genre in a “true to it’s roots” way. Yet considering this, the vibe is fully original here, boasting an incredible aura and an infectious nature from start to finish. One can hope this won’t be the last time that Howen and Trevor Omoto work together, clearly these two have a creative chemistry that’s nothing short of sacred.

Howen is 20 years old and is Dutch. He’s always loved music since the age of 6. He played piano then and other instruments began to find their way to him. His discovery of dance music led to his desire to be a music producer. A lover of many genres, all of his life experiences play a role as to what may pop up in the music that he makes.

Hailing from Toronto, Trevor Omoto describes himself as a DJ/producer within the electronic music space. Currently attending school at the University of Toronto, the future is looking bright for this guy as there are many paths forward he could take in his life currently.




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