Hydraulix Returns To Form With Debut Album Release “Imposter Syndrome”

After years of earning the widespread respect of the industry and the die-hard fans, Hydraulix’s long overdue debut record is sure to make massive waves for bass heads everywhere. A product of lockdown-induced insecurity and feelings of self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome sees Hydraulix tackle his inner demons by creating his most sonically captivating body of work yet.

Imposter Syndrome packs in everything that Hydraulix is known for – hard-hitting bass, uncompromising drops, euphoric highs, and pulsating dubs – together with new sounds and collaborations that see him step out of his comfort zone. The familiarity of high-octane dubstep and bass cuts “Waratah,” a high-profile collaboration with Nitti Gritti, “System Malfunction,” “Take Control,” and “Break Em Down” is complemented by his raw, stripped-back take on bedroom hip-hop, radio-primed EDM, bass-metal, alternative rap, and drum and bass. 

“I feel like everyone who does anything creative can at some point suffer from ‘Imposter Syndrome.’ It’s such a common feeling that I’ve shared with many other people – overthinking and overanalyzing can lead to feelings of doubt about your skills or your ideas. I’m proud of how ‘Imposter Syndrome’ has come together, and I’m forever grateful for the people who have supported, pushed, and inspired me to keep growing as an artist and a person.” – Hydraulix

It’s hard to believe that Imposter Syndrome is Hydraulix’s debut album given its impeccable structure. His most well-rounded and complete work to date, Imposter Syndrome positions Hydraulix as a leader that is no longer confined to the bass music space, but one that is ready to take over all facets of musical subgenres with an optimistic demeanor and an added dose of self-assurance.





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