if found, ryscu and VEDA Team Up On Incredible ‘Hit The Ground’

West coast based if found links with Aussies ryscu and VEDA for an incredible blend of trap and bass with ‘Hit The Ground’, landing on Bear Grillz’s newly found Rude Service Records.

“This one started off as a demo from Ryscu last year,” If Found explains. “I really loved the darker vibe he had going for, so i
wanted to build on that and bring Veda into the mix to write and cut the vocals. She did an awesome job capturing the darker
energy needed for this one and I’m excited to finally share it with everyone!”

All three artists individually are exceptionally talented, but the coalescence of their visions infuses ‘Hit The Ground’ with an
indelible and penetrating emotional energy. VEDA’s honeyed voice pours itself out over the beautiful melody engineered by if
found and ryscu. She’s subtle, yet grandiose and operatic.

if found and ryscu, whose sonic imagery combines to elicit deep emotional responses in listeners, utilizes classical musicality
and instrumentation to create a cinematic soundscape, but as the tune builds, the drop hits and lifts us into the stratosphere. We
may never come down.

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